FRC Rembrandts Playground 18-11-2022

On 18 November 2022 we went to the playground of FRC team Rembrandts in Eindhoven to develop our robot and meet up with other teams. The playground was a place where Rembrandts and FTC teams helped out FTC teams. Since FTC is all about helping each other we met with the rookie team Screwlooosescientists.

At the playground we met up with Casimir tech, Lorentz engineering, space and screwlooosescientists. Besides that of course FRC team Rembrandts was present. 

After working on improving our robot (with pencils) and some interviews with Rembrandts on our opinion about the playground and the ftc season, we ate some pizza together with all the teams. Of course our teammate Kimi ordered an XXL pizza.

Since we have been working on something amazing. We wanted to surprise everyone with an announcement. So after everyone was done with their pizza we announced our FTC Gentlebotz Connect Event! The reactions to our events were very positive and we look forward to the further preparations of our event. 

The playground was a very fun and useful experience for our team. We learned a lot from it and we recommend it to the other FTC teams. 

However, just the playground was not enough for our day in Eindhoven. We went to Glow in Eindhoven with the whole team. 

With our FTC Gentlebotz hoodies and hats we walked across the Glow event. We took some pictures together with the team and had a lot of fun at the event.