League meet 3 Hasselt 10-12-2022

Our first league meet of the season Power Play 2022-2023. For some of our teammates this will be the first league meet in another country (Belgium). We had some problems with our robot the day before. This is because our intake started to drop cones while turning.
Fortunately we got to make our robot ready before the day of the league meet!

We met and played with many different teams, learned a lot and most importantly had a lot of fun!
Even with some small bumps along the road, like connection and hardware issues, we were still able to win 3/6 matches and placed 11th. 

Now onto the next League Meet: We’re re-evaluating our design and we’ve already started working on the next version of our robot! 

Thank you to FTC Netherlands and Team Rembrandts for organizing the event and the fun Crazy 35 challenges, we’ll see you at the next one!