Last Sunday we attended the Maker Faire in Eindhoven. It combines science, art, design and technology together, and all that in an accessible way to a broad audience.

We were invited by FTC Netherlands to present our robot and FIRST alongside Team Space, Casimir Tech and The Dukes of Brabant. We arrived early to set up our robot.

After 10 am, people started arriving. We got to talk to lots of people, both young and old, and we were able to inspire them by showing what FIRST has to offer and letting them drive our robot!

Kids loved playing with the robot and were always very excited when they were able to score a cone. Halfway through one of our motors broke down, but luckily we were able to quickly replace it with a different one so we could keep presenting our robot.

We also had some time to enjoy the fair for ourselves. We visited a lot of different exhibits from autonomous music-making drum robots and Rubik’s cube solvers to washing machine races and interactive art.

We got to talk about the technical background of people’s projects which was very informative as they were often using similar techniques and facing similar challenges as us.

Thanks to FTC Netherlands for inviting us to the event, and thanks to the teams that we got to hang out with throughout the day!