Last Sunday, we left to the FIRST World Championship. After saying our goodbyes to friends and family, we left for a 10 hour flight to Houston airport. Coincedentally, we were in the same plane as another Dutch team participating, Ubbo Tech Team with who we played trivia games in the flight. When we finally arrived we picked up our rentals and went to our house. We unpacked our robot and went to get dinner together.

After staying up for over 24 hours, we were finally able to get some rest and prepare for the next day.

Our first actual day in Houston, we visited the Houston Space Center where we learnt about NASA’s engineering feats and missions, but also met a lot of teams from FLL, FTC and FRC! We enjoyed meeting our fellow Dutch teams Lorentz Engineering and Pretty Smart Robotics, but we also met a lot of volunteers and international teams from Chile, China, Mexico, Taiwan and Romania.

We want to thank Rotary Club Breda for sponsoring our trip to the Space Center!

Tomorrow we’re setting up our pit, passing inspections and preparing for our judge presentation.