Kick-Off FTC Season 2021-2022 18-09-2021

The new season Kick-off was very exciting. All three of our school teams came to our school at 17.00 hrs. The coaches arranged snacks, cookies, cakes, chips, drinks, and all. At 17.30 hrs the kick-off started with an FTC Netherlands presentation, live stream via Twitch. And finally, the kick-off from the USA started…..The season is called Freight Frenzy and is about transport and logistics. What a challenge it will be! It looks very hectic, difficult, and really challenging. We believe it will be busy on the field during matches, and lots can go wrong, but we love it.

Here is the original animation of what the challenge will be in the Freight Frenzy season:

After the official kick-off, to celebrate the new season, we played a laser tag competition with team Space and team Orange, both teams also from our school. We could use almost the complete school, lights were out, and it was scary🤣  It was a lot of fun, every team had a home base where you needed to do a game. So every team had to do 3 games. And watch out not to get shot. It was a lot of fun, and we won 😎. It was a great evening, we really bonded as teams and all of our teams are very anxious to start brainstorming how and what to create to make this a good season.


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