Breda Robotics main sponsor 2021-2022

!!! We are very happy to announce that Breda Robotics will be our main sponsor for the FTC Freight Frenzy season 2021-2022. !!!

Today we visited Breda Robotics to give a Pitch about what FTC is and means, and tell them about our team and the robot. We took the robot along. The robot was not complete, because the new season has just started and we have to built something completely different this season. But it can drive, so we showed them how.

The presentation went well, the people from Breda Robotics were very kind and made us feel very welcome. They asked many questions, which was really nice. They also showed us around in their great working evironment, which was very interesting with robot arms, and even Spot the dog like robot.

    Who are Breda Robotics?


Breda Robotics is a Smart Industry Fieldlab.
The robotica companies ExRoboticsWWA en Synchron found each other during a round table meeting in the REWIN-programm Hightech Maintenance in 2018. That is where the idea started to set up Breda Robotics.Together with Avans Highschool, the city of Breda and REWIN they want to stimulate robotics in Western-Brabant. Breda Robotics will also offer solutions for the shortage of technical talents in the area.

Breda Robotics also offered us their office space to built our robot and get together for meetings, help and advice.

Needless to say that we are so happy and most of all very grateful that Breda Robotics offered us to be the main sponsor and will provide us with their experience and knowledge. We are sure we can learn a lot with their help.
We promise to do our utmost best to make Breda Robotics proud of us!

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