Newton Technisch bureau B.V. new sponsor!

We are glad to announce that we found a new sponsor for the 2021-2022 season.
Newton Technisch Bureau B.V. is going to sponsor us. We are very grateful for this sponsorship 👍👌

Newton Technisch Bureau B.V. is a company situated in Waalwijk.

Who are they?

Newton, together with RoboPharma, see is part of Holding F.M. Van der Vaart.
The group employs approximately 50 committed and passionate employees.

Newton strives to realize practical tailor-made solutions that deliver the required performance in a sustainable, safe and clean manner. We help our customers to achieve their goals by being a good and reliable partner in the field of automation solutions, New Product Development and components.

At Newton, we know that our people make us successful.
They are independent, involved, motivated and know what quality is. We understand our profession.

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