First League Meet 20-11-2021 Delft

In November 2021 there are 2 League Meets. You can only attend to one of them. Then in January 2022, there are another 2 League Meets, where you can only attend one of them again. We chose to go to the second one in November and the first in January.

So Saturday was our first League Meet. We had to drive with two cars, so we met at our school at 7.30 a.m. At 09.00 a.m. the League Meet would start in Lijm&Cultuur at the Technical University in Delft. When we arrived, everyone got checked by checking the Corona app. After we went inside, we went to our pit, where we placed our tools, food and banners, and of course the robot.

Setting up our pit










Then we called our team member Finn, it was his birthday and we surprised him by singing Happy Birthday for him, just when we started to sing, everyone in the hall sang along and applauded for Finn, which was very cool.

Next, we had the robot inspection. Bas, a referee from FTC Netherlands, inspected our robot. He placed the square box over the robot to see if it was within the limits of the measurements. Luckily, we passed both the robot and field inspection, so we were allowed to join the games.

Robot inspection time, we passed ☺

Then it was time for our first game…. we had to play 6 games. Even though we had to start in the very first game of the day, we did very well and won our first game! We unfortunately also lost 2 games, one of them our alliance partner lost one of their wheels and couldn’t drive anymore, but luckily we were still able to coordinate well to still score a lot of points. Our last game went very well, where we scored 154 points, which is our personal best so far!

We ended up in 2nd place of both today, and the current national rankings of both the first and second league meets! So it’s looking very promising for the Dutch Championship next year.

It was a great day, we had lots of candy and food to share with everyone, we helped out other teams with material, such as tape, elastic bands, collar clamps, and tips. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to recognize our team marker during autonomous yet, which we asked other teams for help with. We still have 2 months for the next League Meet, so we’ll have lots of time to refine our robot and improve our autonomous.

Our robot
Robot and its suitcase
Busy in the pit
Talking strategy with alliance partners
Free candy and food for everyone
Cueing before the game


Almost ready to start the game
We won!

One happy team ☺
Us, with the winner Pink to the Future, and third place Team Roboni

We would like to thank FTC Netherlands for perfectly organizing this day, and we would also like to thank our sponsors for making this possible for us:


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