Meet our two new trainees!

Since a few months we have 2 trainees in our team. They want to see if FTC is something for them, and if they like it, they will join the team next season.

Here is an introduction of our 2 trainees:


Hello, I’m Anne.

I am 13 years old. I’m in 2 vwo Technasium at Newmancollege.
I really love to climb and I do bouldering for more than 4 years. Bouldering is wall climbing without a rope and a thick mat, and the wall is 4 meters tall. There are a lot of different levels of difficulty. I came to FTC because I first went to a meeting with Gentlebotz at Breda Robotics and I got told a lot about FTC by team Gentlebotz. It really looked fun! When they needed a trainee, they invited me to join the team. My friend Cato also wanted to join the team so we invited her too. 


Hello, my name is Cato.

I’m 13 years old. I am in 2 vwo Technasium at Newman. I’m a trainee at FTC Team Gentlebotz. I do underwater hockey and scouting. My friend Anne who is the other trainee at Gentlebotz, invited me to a meeting at Breda Robotics. Sadly enough I was sick so I couldn’t come, but when Anne was there she got invited as a trainee. Then Anne invited me to come with her to FTC Team Gentlebotz on a friday afternoon. The first time I came to FTC I got a lot of explanation about what FTC is and what you do. It sounded really interesting and fun so I joined the team. Now I come every Friday to help.

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